Y2VF series variable frequency special motor

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The YVF/Y2VF series inverter speed control three-phase asynchronous motor is the latest generation of variable frequency speed control special three-phase asynchronous motor that my company and Shanghai institute of electric science and technology have launched. This series motor is in the Y/Y2 series motor, on the basis of development and design of the universal frequency conversion motor, with different manufacturer of frequency converter on the market at present good match, the frequency range of 5 ~ ~ 100 hz or 3 ~ ~ 100 hz. < br / >The whole series motors are designed with computer optimization to eliminate the influence of the high harmonics of inverter to the motor. Power of the motor and installation size as YVF series (IP54) frequency control of motor speed three phase asynchronous motor technology condition and the international electrotechnical commission IEC721 low standard, and the general Y/Y2 series motors are identical, convenient replacement and maintenance of the user. < br / >YVF/Y2VF series frequency conversion motor and frequency converter, with high efficiency, low noise, energy saving effect is obvious, smooth drive, wide speed range, fast response to the advantages of excellent performance, which can be widely used with CNC, textile, metallurgical and other high-precision speed control occasions, also can be used for the purpose of energy saving fan pump class load, single machine can be up to 30 ~ 60%, the average energy saving rate has a very considerable social and economic benefits.