YKK series high voltage motor

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The YKK355-630 6kv/yk400-630 10KV medium high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is the latest product developed by our company on the basis of digestion and absorption of domestic and international design and manufacturing technologies. The series of products on the basis of the original Y series, do a lot of improvement, innovation and improve, make the product more optimized, the performance of the structure more reasonable and reliable, in the design process USES the latest design means, such as 3 d design method, the finite element analysis, and so on, its reliability and rationality again on a new stage, is a new generation of more competitive high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor products, our company has to apply for the patent for utility model, the product patent number: ZL022262180. < br / >This series motor design has the characteristics of high starting point, high demand, high reliability, the mechanical structure adopted home after a long time to verify the high reliability of the structure, the insulation system is with high standard, high requirement of system, to ensure the motor can run for a long time and not easy ageing, insulation motor greatly improve the life and performance parameters are more than the national standard of the corresponding requirements. < br / >The power grade, installation size and electrical performance of YKK355-630 6KV three-phase asynchronous motor are in line with national standard JB/t10351.2-2002 "YKK, ykk-w series high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor technology conditions {machine seat number 355-630}"; YKK400-630 10 kv three-phase asynchronous motor with JB/T10446-2004 on the power to arrange the Y series 10 kv three-phase asynchronous motor technical condition {stand no. 450-450} links up with the corresponding, and conform to GB755-2000 and the relevant IEC standards. Motor adopts relatively popular in the international unit composite structure} {is also called the box-type structure ", the frame adopts steel plate welding and become, light weight, good rigidity. The top of the motor is equipped with air - air cooler, which is easy to disassemble and easy to maintain and repair. Outside being connected structure is used in the stator end have reliable fixed and binding, in the process of manufacturing after many interturn voltage test and impact resistance of pressure test, and adopts advanced vacuum pressure impregnation solvent-free paint process {VIP} processing, motor adopts class F insulation structure, according to the assessment of class B temperature, bearing a rolling bearing and sliding bearing two types, depends on the motor power size and speed, can also according to the requirements of the users. Provide other voltage, frequency and protection grade motor according to the order. < br / >This series of medium high voltage motor has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, reliable operation and convenient installation and maintenance. YKK series high voltage motor is suitable for driving various kinds of general electric machinery such as fan, compressor, water pump, crusher, cutting machine, transportation machinery and other equipment, in mining, mechanical industry, petroleum chemical industry, power plants and other industries as a prime mover, used to drive a blower, coal mill, rolling mill, hoist motor should be indicated when ordering purposes and technical requirements, the use of special design to ensure reliable motor running. < br / >