GT series permanent magnet synchronous servomotor

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GT series ac permanent magnet servo motor is a new series of products designed by our company based on national energy conservation and emission reduction policy and market demand. Motor stator with high permeability and low loss silicon steel sheet and special high-frequency winding, rotor using high performance ndfeb magnets, sinusoidal feedback device can be selected, many magnetic encoder, photoelectric encoder rotating transformer, etc., these structures make motor has small volume, low inertia, high rigidity, high efficiency, low noise, fast response, stable operation, precise control, overload ability, etc. The motor power factor can be up to 1, which can save a considerable amount of power in the continuous fixed running load. In the continuous periodic load, the power saving effect is especially significant, which is about 30% less than the traditional motor (depending on the specific condition), which can achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction and create benefits for the enterprise.

GT series ac permanent magnet servo motor can meet the wide requirements of automatic industrial process control, especially for direct driving applications. Motor torque range: 55 ~ 220N. M, rated speed of 1500 ~ 2000rpm (see technical parameters table for details). Welcome. If there is any special request, please negotiate the order.