1. Responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and related internal and external accounts;
2. Check and approve the expenses related to finance, and execute according to the principle and company policy;
3. Responsible for coordinating the handling, follow-up and implementation of foreign claims and debts of the company;
4. Responsible for collection and issuance of original vouchers and various external financial documents;
5. Responsible for the general accounting and general ledger of the accounting company;
6. Supervise the use, inventory, value of the fixed assets of the company;
7. Promote and support the overall financial department system or project type work, assist the leader in financial analysis;
1. College degree or above, major in accounting or finance (single system);
2, 3 years and above related finance comprehensive work experience;
3. Skilled operation of office software and financial software, rigorous work and data sensitivity;
4. Have a basic understanding of the financial system, and can independently handle financial accounting priority;
5. Good work ethic, strong learning ability and communication skills, the group headquarters experience is preferred;