Y2SJ series injection molding machine with low noise motor

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< p >YSJ series injection molding machine with low noise three-phase asynchronous motor is my company according to the characteristics of the plastic injection machine and the design and development of a new series of products, it besides with Y series motors are high efficiency, energy saving, good performance, little vibration, power rating and installation size in accordance with IEC. Standards and advantages of the use of convenience, but also has the overload capacity is strong, low noise, especially when the rated load and overload the characteristics of low noise, used in plastic machinery greatly reducing the noise of the machine, to improve the performance of the whole machine, especially suitable for injection molding machinery and more strict with noise.< / p >< p >The performance index efficiency, power factor, blocking torque, plugging current, maximum torque are the same as Y series motors, and the noise ratio is lower than that of series Y motors. The motor has passed provincial identification, and its noise level is at the domestic leading level.< / p >< p >< br / >< / p >