YE2 series efficient three-phase asynchronous motor

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The ye2-90 ~355 series (IP55) high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor is the most recently developed and fully enclosed self-fan cold squirrel cage efficient three-phase asynchronous motor. The efficiency index of this series of motors reaches the level 3 energy efficiency level in China gb18613-2012 "small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous electrical function qualification and energy efficiency level". The ye2-90 ~355 series high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor is efficient, and the performance indexes reach the international advanced level. The motor is used to drive the fan, pump class and other long running load, can save a considerable amount of electric energy, beneficial to protect the environment. < br / > YE2-90 ~ 355 series (IP55) high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor installation dimension power level in line with the international electrotechnical commission standard IEC72-1, center high H160 and above motor a non-stop note oil discharge device, and reserve a thermistor with installation and moistureproof tropical space, convenient for users to choose. The motor stator adopts the F class insulation, but the temperature rise is evaluated by 80K, the motor has a high temperature and a long life. The rotor is made of casting aluminum and its reliability is high. < br / > Power range of this series motor: 0.75~ 315KW;
Base height: H90~355